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Here is some information about and a small sample of the kind of work we are doing.

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The “Richmond Times Dispatch” recently published an article about some of the work Chase Architectural Metal is doing.

The reporter focused on several very complex projects we have recently completed, but we also do many other things: custom fences, gates, railings, monumental stairs, pergolas, furniture, metal signs, elevator headers, specialty lighting, and much more.

No job is too small, large, simple, or complex. If you should need anything in our line of work, just call.

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Thanks to Andrew Baxter for his remarks about our work in the “Richmond Times Dispatch.”

Fine arts consultant and conservator Andrew Baxter stated that he “sought out Chase’s expertise when he was consulting for the U. S. Department of Interior on the restoration of President James Monroe’s tomb enclosure in Hollywood Cemetery. The tomb enclosure is on the National Register of Historic Places. This project was huge, and I trusted Chase to do this properly. They did meticulous work. They handled it like an art object and did everything very skillfully.”

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